A Simple Funeral: An Affordable and Meaningful Goodbye

A simple funeral is a dignified and respectful way to honour a loved one’s passing, often at a lower cost than traditional funerals. It focuses on the core elements of remembrance, removing unnecessary frills to create a more personal and intimate ceremony.

What is a Simple Funeral?

Unlike traditional funerals with elaborate arrangements, limousines, and large gatherings, simple funerals prioritise a more modest approach. This can include:
  • Direct Cremation or Burial: The body is cremated or buried without a formal service.
  • Small Memorial Service: A brief ceremony with close family and friends to share memories and celebrate the life of the deceased. This can be held in our private chapel (up to 20 people).
  • Focus on Personalisation: Simple funerals allow for more flexibility to personalise the ceremony according to the deceased’s wishes and the family’s preferences. Favourite music, readings, or poems can be incorporated to create a meaningful tribute.

Why Choose a Simple Funeral?

There are many reasons why families may opt for a simple funeral:
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Simple funerals are less expensive than traditional funerals, making them a suitable option for those on a budget.
  • Focus on Remembrance: By removing unnecessary formalities, simple funerals allow for a more intimate and heartfelt gathering focused on celebrating the life of the deceased.
  • Alignment with Wishes: The deceased may have expressed a preference for a simple funeral, wanting an understated send-off and it’s important to follow someone’s final wishes.
  • Flexibility: Simple funerals offer more flexibility in terms of how and where you say your final farewell. If a Direct Cremation was chosen, the ashes can be returned to the family after the cremation has taken place and it then gives the opportunity to arrange a memorial service of your own, in a location that was special to the deceased.

Planning a Simple Funeral

When planning a simple funeral, consider these steps:
  • Direct Cremation or Burial: Decide whether cremation or burial is the preferred option.
  • Memorial Service: Determine if you want to hold a small memorial service and the format it will take.
  • Personal Touches: Think about ways to personalise the ceremony, such as music, a reading, or a slideshow.

Simple Funerals: A Meaningful Choice

At William Houghton Funeral Directors our Simple Funeral offers a dignified and affordable way to say goodbye to a loved one. For further information on Simple Funerals in Preston & the surrounding area, please contact us.